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Bringing Professor Damodaran Teaching, Writing, Data and Spreadsheet resources at your fingertips.

Available on iPhone,iPad,Android and Web

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Data Resources

Download dataset in various categories and geographies on your mobile device.


In corporate finance, valuation and portfolio management.


Data on identical topics from prior years.

Writing Resources

Read blog, download papers, browse books and articles.


Read latest posts written by professor on Blogger.


Read and download the papers written on various topics.

Packed with features

App is simple yet comes with all the required features.


Pixel perfect app for both iPhone and iPad. Compatible with IOS 11 and iPhone X

Download Manager

You can download the PDF, Excel, Powerpoint files on your mobile device for offline reading.

Export Content

If you want to read the PDF in your favorite app or want to edit the spreadsheets - just export it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the basic questions on app usage.

1. How to download a file?

On the top right corner of the file browser, click on the download button. Alert will ask to confirm, after confirming the file will begin downloading..

2. How to access my downloads?

Move to "Others" tab (last tab) then go to bottom of the page and tap on the row titled "Downloads". Here, you can access all your downloads, tagged with its category.

3. How to delete the file from downloads?

Once in "Downloads" page, swipe left on the row that you want to delete, an alert will ask to confirm - Tap "Delete the file".

4. How to export the files to other apps?

Once file is downloaded, you can see the share button in the top right corner of the file-browser. Tap it and it will give you a share sheet to export the file to other apps.


Taha Maddam, CFA

This app will not be possible without the amazing content that Professor Damodaran created over decades and allow the world to access it for free. I only extended his mission by bringing it to a different medium.
I spent 100+ hours in building the database (REST API), designing & developing this app. If you have any suggestion to improve the app, please email me. If you found the app productive then consider buying me a cup of coffee ☕️😎

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